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Bernard Richardson
Bernard Richardson
Hey there! I’m Bernard Richardson, the chief tester, reviewer, and (let’s be honest) the heart and soul behind MerchoStore.com.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, this website was the go-to spot for all things Star Wars, run by the hilariously talented Australian comedian Steele Saunders.

Steele’s passion for Star Wars wasn’t just about selling merch. It was a lifestyle, complete with its own dedicated podcast, “Steele Wars”. Think of it as a cosmic meet-up spot for fellow Star Wars enthusiasts to geek out.

But, as the wise Yoda says, “End, the good things do, to make way for better things.” Fast forward to 2023, and here we are, with MerchoStore.com taking on a new adventure!

So, what’s the deal now? Well, it’s simple. I personally test and review a wide range of everyday products. Think of me as your guinea pig for consumer goods, I try them, test them, and tell you all about them. Why? So you can make smarter, more informed purchasing decisions. No droids trying to sell you something you don’t need here!
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